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Our experienced dental care team has been serving Redmond for over 30 years!

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Our Goal is to help our patients achieve optimal dental health


Care to us is more than simply delivering dental services to patients. To truly care for a patient requires that the dental team recognizes each patient as an individual.

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Skill is a measure of the level of precision and expertise the clinical team brings to the treatment they deliver.

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Judgement is the skill level a person possesses when faced with a decision. Sometimes the decision not to treat can be just as important to good outcomes as a decision to treat a given condition.

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As a group we try hard to listen to our patients, answer any questions, and acknowledge their concerns. We educate our patients in preventative dental measures and make treatment options known when there are reasonable choices to be made.

Most of all, we strive to make our patients' dental care a comfortable experience in a clean, safe setting.

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