To my patients,

Many of you have been asking me in the last few years when I plan to retire. Some of you know how long I have been in practice. Others probably just see an older guy that is looking pretty tired. I have been vague in my response to this inquiry as I, myself, wasn’t sure that retiring was what I wanted to do. I will say that for me running a dental office feels like it requires attention to a lot of moving parts and is a big responsibility.

I am not going to retire at this time, but I am going to transfer ownership of the practice to a younger, more energetic dentist. I will be able to work for a while, which I still enjoy, but with all of the management aspects of the job off my shoulders. To be clear though, I am definitely going to be working less and am in the process of winding down my career.

I feel fortunate to be able to transfer my practice to someone I know and respect, not just an interested buyer. Dr. Hyunsoo Lim was born in South Korea but has lived in Redmond most of his life. We met when his parents moved into our neighborhood, and we became acquainted with his family. When Hyunsoo expressed interest in a dental career I arranged for him to “shadow” me at the office (and visit some other dental offices) to get a feel for what it’s like in the profession.

Dr. Lim got an excellent education, attending Cornell University for undergraduate studies and then graduating from NYU Dental College in 2019. During his time in New York, he volunteered to provide dental services to the underserved communities in Brooklyn and the

Upon his return to Redmond, Dr. Lim worked as an associate dentist in several other Seattle area offices honing his skills and seeing what philosophy of dental practice most aligns with his ideals. He is a member of our state and local dental organizations and takes numerous continuing education classes to keep current with new developments in the dental field and to help optimize his ability to provide excellent patient care.

On a personal note, I find Hyunsoo to be likeable and hard working. He and I share values, I think, when it comes to patient care. He enjoys his time off with his family and friends. Skiing, biking, and travel are some of his interests when outside the office.

Dr. Mindy Sessions has been a real asset to my dental practice, and I appreciate the level of care and skill that she brings to my organization. She has been well liked by staff and patients alike during her tenure here.

For Mindy this wasn’t an optimal time to become a dental practice owner. Chris and I wish Dr. Sessions well in all her future endeavors.

What I will struggle to convey in a letter is how grateful I am to all of you who have trusted me with your care. This practice has mattered to me, and I have endeavored to do right by all of you because you matter to me.

There exists a doctor-patient relationship that requires a certain amount of distance between those parties, really for the good of both individuals. It is important to maintain a level of objectivity in my treatment of patients and in the decision-making process that helps guide my actions as a provider. I think that you as patients must have faith that your doctors are impartial in delivering care and that in part is what defines professionalism.

I will tell you though with some honesty that I have really enjoyed getting to know so many of you in the course of 42 years of practice. It is a lot of the reason I still enjoy what I do. So the “distance” lines can become slightly blurred and I know that I will miss you. It is my hope that my continued association with the practice will be of value to Dr. Lim as he establishes his own practice style and philosophy, and of course to you as patients going forward.


With gratitude,

Patrick McCoy

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Maria left the practice in the Summer of 2020 to attend school at Shoreline College to become a dental hygienist. We wish her well in her training and future career.